Almost Great Scoring

seriously, it does work.

One of the biggest responsibilities of a baseball public address announcer is to know who is pitching & who is coming up to bat, right? Yes, there are other duties but for the most part, getting the guys name wrong when he is clearly standing in the batters box would be a glaring mistake. At some point you’ll get tongue-tied over the latest potato chip flavor or someone’s name during pick your feature where the director says ‘just read these 165 birthdays off the video board, it’ll be easy’… So, at least my focus is on the team and our players which is why I make a some-what attempt to keep my own score sheet – so at least I should know who is up to bat next. Over the past 3 years, game by game, I have been able to clean up the actual score sheet by just keeping track of what is necessary for me to keep up. And by no means do I get O.C.D. about the end result either but at some point I’d like to look back on the sheet & go ‘yea – that happened in the 3rd or this in the 8th’…


Everything was strolling along great, it was fast paced game (time-wise) and the bats picked up so there was at least some action going on. And then Jeff happened… He sits next to me in the press box, keeping score on computer that I think keeps the players stats current and he helps me keep track of substitutions. Jeff is also the self-proclaimed CEO of Almost Great Scoring, LLC (a title that the rest of us in the booth are fine with too). He’s also the reason why ‘we can’t have nice things’ apparently? You see, on this night it was his turn to be the one guy to wreck all things that are sacred. In the 7th inning, with a stroke of a pen, my ‘clean’ score sheet was ruined – poof – gone. “DO MORE” he writes.

It’s moments like this that make working games FUN! Even when the team is struggling, you couldn’t tell by the amount of fun we have working behind the scenes covering/working games. Baseball is a long season, I hear we have 67 more home games this year to go so we may as well have fun while we are doing it. For every public mistake you may hear or see, you can bet your bottom dollar there are good friends sitting next to that person just waiting to make fun of his/her mistake (so bring your thick skin with you to the ballpark – trust me, I take my fair share).


Oh and we get to watch some pretty decent baseball too.


I’m pretty sure the Shuckers won this game 6 to 5, but I was still in shock over my not-so-neat score card to really worry with the small stuff.



Almost Great Scoring, LLC




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